A few months ago we created a bucket list. We plan to attempt to do them all before we die. This list will be frequently added to…

1. Go skinny dipping

2. Road trip all the way across the west coast of the states (Top of Washington to bottom of Cali!!!)

3.  Climb a mountain

4. Learn how to do a cart-wheel.

5. Succeed at a handstand or the splits. (Liana)

6. Win something.

7. Earn my AA while still in high school. (Liana)

8. Start and Finish a 365 or 50 photo project.

9. Get a full body massage.

10. Get into shape or lose 10 lbs.

11. See fireflies.

12. Visit New York.

13. Hawaiian vacation. enough said.


     – horse back riding on the beach

 14. Write, compose, and perform my own song. (Liana)

15. Dye our hair crazy colors (can be temporary)

16. Go to a concert (Paramore was the original plan)

17. Annual Seattle Train Trip ’12

18. European Road trip (Liana wants to go backpacking…)

19. Go to a Renaissance  fair!

20. Explode/ over inflate and air mattress and water mattress.

21. Visit the world’s largest playground! (and play Lava Monster!!!)

22.Co-author a novel!

23.Make a pop song together with an intense beat and write piano + violin music to it that is both epic, inspirational, pretty, and represents both of our personal styles. (Tall order, eh?)

24. Go trick-or-treating for the first time.