Over the past week I have made chocolate covered coffee beans a total of 3 times, and they never lasted longer than 2 days before they were eaten. I meant to post earlier about them, but I didn’t take sufficient photos of the process I developed, and then I lost my camera with the pictures on it and couldn’t do ANYTHING! I found it on Monday. It was underneath and behind my bed, but I was remaking it so I caught a glimpse of the corner of it. Hmmm. I like the word glimpse.And glimmer.  I love g-l words! Anyway…

Making the coffee beans is beyond easy. I thought about it for a while after I had a craving for some, and this is what I came up with!

Final product, from a different batchSupplies:

  • Coffee beans
  • Two small microwave safe bowls
  • Spatula(s)
  • Melting chips, milk or dark, plus a contrasting color for decorating
  • Parchment paper
  • Two plastic sandwich bags


  1. Melt the chocolate till its stir- able, without any chunks or burnt chocolate. If there are small un-melted bits of chocolate: don’t worry about them, the heat of the chocolate surrounding them with take care of it.Piping bag
  2. Spoon the chocolate into a plastic bag (choose the size of the bag depending on how many beans you intened to cover) and cut a hole in the tip. Make sure the bag is completely closed, and then squeeze the chocolate out onto your parchment paper. Make circles about the size of a dime, then plop a coffee bean on each one! Take your bag of chocolate and cover the tops of the beans.Poo piles xDAdd the bean...
  3. Repeat the same process with the white chocolate (or whatever color you wanted for decorating) and pipe decorations on the tops!Ta-Da!

If you noticed, mine look like piles of dung. I’m currently trying to come up with a way to end up with smooth tops. Maybe cutting a larger hole in my chocolate bag? Maybe using a mold? Other than that, this batch turned out very well. Although my white chocolate wasn’t cooperating and gave me difficulty as I tried to decorate my beans with the astrological signs…

Another DIY soon to come, this one jewelry, and related to Emma Watson!