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Photo Monday~

Happy day!  I woke up to beautiful sun and chirping birds, even though it’s my first day of the spring quarter at Clark, and my first day back from spring break. 😦 But more happiness! My first class isn’t until 1:00pm, so I got to walk home in the beautifullness and take awesome pictures! Washington state may be pretty dull in the winter, but we have gorgeous springs. 🙂 Even more happiness? I turn 17 on Wednesday!

Here’s today’s pics, they all got squished, I’m not sure why…



Photo Monday~

So I haven’t posted since last year, because when you don’t have a lot of readers, there isn’t a lot of motivation to post over the holidays. But I did decide on my next tutorial post! But that’s for another day. 😀

Anyway, today I am featuring two photo-things. One is an excerpt from one of the most beautiful sets I’ve ever seen. I love the greytone and the contrast of the dancers clothing. These are my favorites out of the entire set, and I’m thinking about doing my own version of them. (Maybe! I don’t think I could replicate that haha)

So in honor of the new year, I’m including some  crazy photos by one of my photography role models: Brooke Shaden! But it’s not her photography that I’m specifically focusing on, it’s her physique. I’ve never had perfect abs, or slim, firm legs, and that’s my goal before summer gets here.  Not to lose weight like an idiotic teenager with an unhealthy view on beauty, I just want to be toned and healthy. I want to be able to climb Mount Adams! Or even to the top of Multnomah Falls without feeling like I’m going to suffocate…  So here’s what’s been inspiring me… Aaaaand I’m having technical difficulties. As seen above, the photo of the girl is not supposed to be there. It’s supposed to be here. ——>

Whatever. Here’s a link to a second inspirational photo that I couldn’t find on GoogleImages: “Breaking Bones”

In the next few days or so I have some cool photos my best friend and I took at the nearby cemetery!

Adios, Liana~

Photo Monday

I have decided that every monday I will feature a gallery or single image of my own photos, or of a different photographer that I admire or was inspired by. Today, since this is the first time, I have a series of photos collected from walking home from school. They should be in the order of farthest from home, to closest. (Plus a link to a hilarious video that I can’t resist adding XD —-> I’ve always known cats are evil -_- )

A few new things have been added to the bucket list, if we actually had readers, I would ask for some suggestions on how to check some of these things off the list. :p But since we don’t, I’m just talking to myself. How splendid!