I love roses… Not the tacky rose tattoos you see on people’s necks, but the delicate beautiful ones. I’m waiting for the one’s in my backyard to bloom, I can’t wait! We’ve never grown roses before. :0  Anyway, not only do I love the actual plant, but I love them in fashion and pretty much anywhere. Here’s an outfit that was inspired by the flower. (It’s not nearly as accessorized as it would be if I actually wore it, I’m still getting the hang of Polyvore.)

Jane Norman kimono top £25 – janenorman.co.uk
Pocket jeans $35 – allyfashion.com
Sam Edelman strappy heels $152 – stanwells.com
1928 daisy jewelry $18 – 1928.com
This is the sort of tattoo I want, intricate, but still simple and uncomplicated. plus, it’s not crazy noticable, so if I wore some sort of fancy dress it wouldn’t be trashy looking!
Not exactly roses, but still the feelign they evoke is rosey. 😛
This is super similar to a ring my best friend bought in Pike’s Place Market when we visited Seattle a while back. I’m still trying to find one of my own for a reasonable price!
Gah. Is this not fabulous!? From RiverofRomansk on Etsy.com. Can’t even explain how awesome it is. 
Again, an Etsy find. Plus they’re half off. 😉 Very cute! I like the peachy color of these, it goes well with my coloring, and pretty much anyone else’s, unless you’re a vampire. 😀 Seriously though.
Anyway, today I went for a lot of color in my look, to go along with my fruit shirt. Not roses, but oh well… You can’t really tell from the photo, but I’ve got a purple shadow on my lower lids, with a peachy color on my brow bones, then Lancome Juicy Tubes lipgloss in Simmer for my lips. It helps to have friends who work at J.C. Penny 😉 I guess I should mention I have CoverGirl Clean makeup powder and M.U.D blush in some shade I can’t remember…
Here’s a terrible picture of my outfit! And again, no shoes…
Necklace: Forever 21 ($1.50) Shirt: Wet Seal (Deja Vu thrifted, $1)
Jeans: H&M ($9)
Ring: Vintage, remade by me. 😀
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