As many people know, shopping really hurts the wallet. For those of us without steady jobs, such as students, because everyone else needs to get a life and a job, brand new clothes are often just an out-of-reach dream. This is why I am very familiar with the thrift stores and garage sale scene of my city. I live in Vancouver, but guess what thriving hippy city is only twenty miles away? Mmmmhm, PORTLAND! I don’t garage sale in Portland, but I love shopping there. My favorite thrift stores are here in Vancouver though, Deja Vu and Plato’s Closet (which can be found in many other states) provide the bulk of my wardrobe for very low cost. I’m talking $2 t-shirts and $10 summer dresses that I never see on anyone else! 😀 But sometimes, I find things in my own closet that could just really use a refresh. Like the white tee I was going to throw away because of the light blue stain around the color. but then I just figured what the heck, here’s a bottle of spray paint, let’s have some fun! Soooo, I broke out the masking tape and made myself a new shirt! Here’s how I did it:




– your choice of spray paint ( I used black…)

– old or new t-shirt (doesn’t have to be plain if you want to go for more of a collage look)

– masking or painter’s tape

-paper grocery bag or newspaper

-safety glasses



Do this project in a ventilated area becasue of the paint fumes, like your backyard, like I did!


I’m not sure why I wore a facemask if I was outside. But hey, safety first. 🙂 (my safety glasses were getting fogged up because of my breathing.)


Learn from my mistake! Put newspaper down first!! But tape off all the areas you DON’T want the new color. I also put a paper grocery bag inside my shrit to keep it from bleeding through. You can just recycle it when you’re done.


Now just wait for your shirt to dry! Make sure you let it dry in yet again another well ventilated area.

New shirt 😀

This is me modeling my new shirt, just hamming it up.

Shirt: DIY project

Tank top: thrifted

Pants: F21, garage sale ($1)

Shoes: G by Guess, Deja Vu thrift store ($2)

Necklace: F21 ($4)

Rings: All thrifted or garage sale ($1 – $.50)

Hat: F21 ($6)




This is what I ACTUALLY wore today… I just put on the one I made cuz I needed to post a picture of it finished.



Hat: American Eagle ($10 on sale)

Necklace: garage sale ($1)

Shirt: American Eagle, garage sale ($.50)

Shorts: Levi’s, Deja Vu thrift store ($1)

Belt: gift

Shoes: didn’t wear any…