I’m dreaming of leaving Washington right now. Not I’m leaving and never coming back!”-leaving but, “See you after spring break!”- leaving. I want to go to a beach laying on the edge of a crystal blue cove, or an inlet hidden by giant mermaid-esque rocks. If you’ve ever watched the movies adapted from Nicholas Sparks’ books, then you just might be feeling the same longing that I am. I dream of a beach with green grass peeking through the sand, of bleached wooden boardwalks that lead from a downtown carnival, and of sitting on a blanket at sunset, leaning on the muscular shoulder of Liam Hemsworth. *sigh*

This is where I want to be right now.Absolutely lovely. I’m not saying that I don’t appreciate our beautiful Pacific Northwest beaches (werewolves, anyone?), but they are rather cold. Year round. The water is always freezing! Nice on hot days, but not when you’re on spring break in the middle of March. Believe me.

Kind of gloomy isn't it?Kind of gloomy isn’t it?

Beautiful!Beautiful! This is Hodlen Beach again. I want to go there! Maybe I’ll find a bronzed, volleyball-playing hunk to keep me company. ;] I wouldn’t mind having him spill a drink on me…

Now although I’m deathly afraid of tsunamis, and I was before Japan had their’s, I still dream about staying in this sort of house, if only for a weekend! I will also say that I loved the movie.

If I didn’t have plans to visit Seattle and clean up our Pacific beaches (which I really do love, bring on the driftwood fires!) I would book a flight to North Carolina in an instant. Who knows? Maybe I’ll channel my inner Sparks and set on of my novels there. ;]