So as you non-existent readers may have noticed, my blogging partner has posted a grand total of two times. I am officially booting her from the blog. I feel like she doesn’t care; that the blog was only a joking experiment or something. Thanks for your encouragement… It takes effort to get a blog noticed! It doesn’t happen over night. But it won’t be successful without a focus, so I have pinned one down. (-ish.) So here is the new name, and focus/theme….






If you couldn’t tell, I will be focusing on DIY tutorials: testing other’s, making my own, making posting some videos… I will possibly incorporate some song covers, because that’s just a DIY of a favorite song. 😀  I’m not exactly sure how photography would fit into DIYjunkie theme, but I don’t give a rip cuz I adore photography, and hey, no one’s complaining. XD


Until i can get the major editorial changes made(domain name, username, blah blah blah..), enjoy this hilarious video, courtesy of StumbleUpon!