Well at the moment I can’t post any pictures of my own because I’m at Clark, so I’m going to be sneaky and get Flickr pictures off of Google. >:]

Today’s featured artist is Alex Stoddard, who I admire for being so brave in the taking nude pictures of himself in the forest. I’ve always wondered if he has ever had someone walk by while he was working on a shot. Because I’m a Christian, I would NEVER feature a fully nude photo. Although he is nude, nothing inappropriate is shown. So don’t freak out if you are extremely conservative. (And by the way, there is nothing wrong with conservatism. That’s what I believe in, and it makes me angry when people mock me for it.)

So here are a few of my favorite of Alex’s photos, I love the newspaper shots that he frequently does, they inspire me to try my own sometime! If you like these select few, check out the rest of his work here on Flickr: alexstoddard.

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