Enev though having no readers sucks, I still feel inspired to post.

Today’s post will feature The Head and the Heart. the greatest band ever. Just listenign to their music makes me want to grab my  guitar and jam, no matter the fact that I can only play four songs and six chords, I’ll just make them up!

There’s a guy on my bus who is in a band, his name is Joe and he plays bass. He’s my hero! Athough I’ve never listened to any of the music his band does, I still think it’s awesome that he just has a band. I want one so badly O.O I just don’t know how to do so. Oh well. I’ll just appreciate the fantasticness of other bands, like the Head and the Heart, the Gabe Dixon band, Noah and the Whale, or Needtobreathe. Good stuff I tell you!

Enjoy two of my favorite songs from the Head and the Heart:

This is just he coolest video ever. I am a firm believer of music videos in the snow. 🙂

My personal all time favorite. This was the first song of their’s that I ever heard.