This blog has utterly no readers, followers,, or even people who came across it accidentally. If that’s not depressing I don’t know what is. Other experienced bloggers are always saying that getting noticed takes take, but this blog has nothing to be noticed for. My partner has utterly given up on it and is not contributing at all, and all of my topics are dull and uninteresting. Joy. Not.

Since no one reads this, I could just make it into a public journal and talk about anything I wanted, but I’ll just say things like, “I started my college classes on the 26th. They’re good, I love college. It’s a lot better than my retarded high school classes I’ve had in the past. Except I miss Mr. Emmert, my photography and multimedia teacher, and Ms. Thompson, my chemistry teacher.”

I’m to bummed out now to put any effort into this post, so the recipe I made will be posted some other day. Goodbye, nobody.