Aight, so, I have completed the first week of schooooool. I am done with my second to last “first day of school” and I’m hurtling towards monday… a day full of tests and an assortment of wild things that are due. I do not understand why it is that you sit in their classes for an hour every single day, and they have you all week, yet teachers still feel the need to send heaping amounts of homework with you on the weekend. The week-END! The END of the week where everything is/should be DONE! The weekend is not the time to study, or do work. It is the time when adults and children alike get/SHOULD get a break! A break… yeah right.

 What I’m trying to say is I have alot of homework this weekend.

So, I returned to my old private school, and it’s entirely different as well as entirely the same. My old friends are of course my friends again, but I’ve also already made more new friends than I did my entire year at Heritage High School (the school of truest evil.) Apparently junior year is rumored to be the toughest of the four years… that scares me. Every day has a different schedule and one of my teachers seems to get a kick on just scaring the crap out of us. He ranted about failing in life, and when he was done he looked at our faces, and went off in a fit of kackling and hooting. I’m sure he was having a jolly old time, it must be fun to be able to legally torture young adults.

 As Monday approaches, I feel as if I am going to die. But it’s probably just because my favorite time of the month has presented itself once again and I’m very exhausted, school is actually lovely:)

 I feel like aimlessly ranting on this little blog is neither interesting nor beneficial. Me and LIANA (ahem) need a purpose!

 I am feeling…  cantankerous.