Well this time it’s Rachel. This is my first time blogging because I think it’s retarded… I don’t understand why it’s necessary to write about things on the internet where people can read and creepy things can happen, but what me and my best friend Liana are doing sounds like it’ll be pretty fun! I think we should try to figure out some sort of theme so we don’t aimlessly blog about nothing. I was thinking maybe we should challenge ourselves to do something odd every day of the school year (more strange than usual!) and write about it at the end of the day. Or maybe take turns every other day doing something strange or challenging or new. I like it, when Liana reads this (ahem..) maybe she will like it as well! Are you supposed to do faces on blogs? I’m so tempted to do smileys…

Anyway, this is my last day of summer. Tis monday the 5th, and I don’t know how I feel about that. I’m going back to the private school I went to my freshman year because I HATED the public school I went to sophomore year. I mean I really… really hated it. Every day felt like running my face across a cheese grater, it depressed me, it was like dragging my feet through a thick, nasty concoction of glue and steaming poo. So I’m going from Vancouver to Troutdale every morning for my new school! It’s not going to be easy, but it’s worth it. I love that school! And it may get easier as we might be moving over there in… who knows when. Yeah so yeah that’s all fine and lovely, but it is the last day of summer, and I want to do something fun, but it seems lie my fun pal (Liana) and her family are busy. (Sad!!) I want to go swimming!!!

(This is a long post, I apologize.) I died my hair red last night!!! I wanted to do it before I go back to school tomorrow. It’s really dark and I love it:) (I surrender to the temptation of the smiley face!! Gah…) Yes well,  I had these plans from when I was in middle school that by my junior year I would be skinny and hot and my hair would be long and beautiful… Well here it the long-awaited junior year on my doorstep, and I feel fat. It may be due to the fact that It’s almost “that time” and I get ravenous right before it, but I wanted to be SEXY by  the time I was a junior! SO, this week I’m going on a suuper diet (Don’t eat a lot, only eat “good for you” stuff, and exercise like a madwoman… hope it works.) But the good news is that my hair has grown out substantially this summer! It’s down to the curve of my lower back, and when I died it last night the darkness makes the length more apparent because it’s easier to see the thin bottom that my ever-intelligent hair dresser gave me when she last cut my hair! (She “tapered” it… you don’t taper already thin hair!!!)

I have lost some weight over the summer though, just not as much as planned. I got all buff in the leg and butt-area (XD) cuz I been running!

Wow I am rambling… eh eh nothing else I can say:) We will come up with a suitable name and theme soon enough! In the time being, adios! Until next time… blog.